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Circlets, Headdresses, Leather Headbands, and more

 Enjoy perusing our humble shop! Like what you see, but would like something custom made? Just ask :-)



I am absolutely passionate about creating circlets and headdresses, whether it be for fair goers, wiccan ritual, wedding, or whatever strikes my fancy!
David and I love dressing up for fairs; Steampunk, Wicked, renaissance....and I always thought something was missing from my outfit. I need something to put on my head! This is how it all began. What I wanted, I could not find in stores or online...so I MADE them. Taught myself, with some bumps in the road...but picked it up quickly because I really really liked it! This was over 14 years ago, and I have since become even more fired up about creating headpieces! ...and HATS, but there will be time for that later. :-)
Eventually, I tried selling some things on Ebay, but I wanted my own shop. So finally, almost 2 years ago I opened my Etsy shop, and about a year after that started selling some of my precious jewelry...it was hard to part with...these were my babies!

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My husband is very crafty :-) and wanted to make something for men. That's how he got started making leather headbands and headpieces. His forte is creating scenery with silver or bronze wire and runes. He is knowledgeable in elder futhark runes, the oldest runic writing, and can create headpieces and/or wrist bands that have special meaning to the wearer. You need not have knowlege of runic letters, just tell us what you want.

Most of our artisan wares have a pagan flavor because that is closest to our hearts, and because of our designs, our store has a strong wiccan following. We have created many custom pieces for handfastings. But we do traditional weddings as well, and believe you should have "your wedding, your way". Please peruse our designs to see if something catches your eye. If you would like something different, please don't be shy. We LOVE your questions, and some of our best pieces have come from your requests. We thank you!



We make items for daily wear as well. Circlets for instance, can be worn as a necklace would be...but for your head. Consider it another way to display jewelry on your body. If wearing a circlet every day is something that is comfortable for you, we have a variety of styles, or we can make something special for you. If this is new to you, why not try a circlet that can also be worn as a necklace. This way you will have the option of wearing it either way. Having two ways of wearing a circlet is a good value.

These circlets and or necklaces will be in both catagories for ease in shopping.



We spend all of our spare time sitting in our living room sharing ideas, offering advice and just having a great time making the things we do! Our next big project together will be creating handfasting / wedding sets. Actually, this has just begun, with us collaborating on our design choices for matching leather and crystal headpieces.

We pour our love into everything we create and when you purchase something from us...know that you are going to receive our best. We take pride in what we do and everything is made in a joyful sacred space...we call home.

I hope you enjoy what we have to offer, and please do know...we LOVE custom orders! Some of our best creations have come from your ideas!

Chris and David Kelley

from Marlborough, Ma. 508-485-2959, but we can be better reached through our contact page below:

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